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career expedition

generalist | unconventional | multifaceted experiences 

general electric

digital product manager

work in progress

digital auditor

enhanced awareness of cyber security

learnt horizontal thinking from a bird's eye view gained the ability to navigate through abstract complex problems fearlessly

learnt how to actively listen and effectively communicate the message/story

became agile & comfortable with learning new areas and domains

observed risk management & strategy from a leader's point of view

big data engineer | platform owner

learnt the art of problem solving by breaking it down into digestable units

absorbed the big data distributed world 

learnt first-hand concepts of accountability and responsibility as a platform owner

absorbed and navigated the complications of tech stack migrations

& expertise


python | sql | java | tableau | hadoop ecosystem

not so technical

accountability | problem-solving | cybersecurity 

effective communication | active listening learning agility |

risk management | agile

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