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misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics

always heard the term "behavioral economics" but didn't really understand what it meant. it sounded cool and something intellectuals would talk about it, but I never knew how to get a beginner's guide to it. luckily my colleague turned friend, ryan dale, seemed to know a good amount about the domain and suggested this book as the perfect first book. 


what did I love about the book?

  • dr. richard thaler uses layman's terms to explain the fancy concepts of economics and behavioral economics (yes, they are different!) hence making it easy to grasp

  • a ton of "aha!" moments as it meanders through personal finance, will make you mindful of your personal financial behavior in the future and teach you scientifically about investing as well

  • talks about tons of everyday phenomena we see and feel but didn't know they had a name and structure. why do e-commerce websites slash the price and show heavy discounts? how do you price better with the help of some basic statistics? 

  • tons of counter-intuitive thoughts which go against the conventional wisdom, invoking the second-order of thinking

  • autobiographical flow, personally, I liked how it showed the evolution of the whole field of science (behavioral economics) and the challenges of a researcher in such a domain

  • genuinely made me feel smarter by the end

given I was reading only for ~15-20 minutes per day, and the content was a little intellectually rich, it took me a good ~2 months to finish this book. highly recommend this to anyone keen on learning something new, especially if you are looking to venture out into an unknown domain.

get your copy from here now and you'll thank me!

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