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why 'a phasing nirvana'?

are you looking closely?

the answer is staring right at you.

have you read any of dan brown books? if not, grab one and read away.

are you a potter head? if not, do not judge the books by the movies.

and if it's a yes to any of those, this must be just too facile.

you surely have watched some mysterious, amusing, cryptic tv shows/movies in all the free time you get.

there. a clue.

did you miss that too?

it's just the most naive yet simply fascinating trick, probably the first chapter of every cryptography book.

yes, cryptography was your clue.

this timeless trick seems to even serve as a mnemonic device(learning technique aiding in information retention)

you should have got it by now at least?

okay for the tech freaks, does the phrase "nag a ram" ring any bells?

well yes, I might as well spell it out for you now.



pranav singhania = a phasing nirvana

nirvana, a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.

something which we all wish to attain someday.

it does not necessarily have to be the freedom from the cycle of birth and death. just the inner peace, the freedom of mind from all conflicts, the general freedom from all superficial aspects of life, the ability to live with yourself with or without flaws, being guilt free, regret free and satisfied at the deepest level. this calm state of mind is nirvana.

quite a beautiful word to describe the feeling as well.

now it isn't some overnight process, it's a journey, through which we phase and only some of us are fortunate to attain this ultimate state of mind. this journey is what we call life in other words. hence, an apt choice for the name of my alter ego.

(and there were also no other meaningful anagrams honestly)

you actually read through all of it, here, take a cookie.

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